English Language Training Course

Program Highlights


    • Enjoy 25 hours/week of instructor-led classes over the course of 39 weeks,

    • Build a solid foundation of useful vocabulary and grammar knowledge,

    •  Improve reading and listening comprehension as well as writing and speaking skills,

    • Practice new knowledge and skills with a variety of activities and exercises, and

    • Monitor your progress through weekly coursework portfolio evaluations.



The aim of the speaking class is to get students talking about everyday topics and to introduce essential thematic vocabulary which will enable them to effectively communicate in real-world contexts. After being introduced new vocabulary items, students will be prompted to answer questions relating to specific topics.

With our teachers’ help, students will progress from giving short answers to providing more detailed answers, and from using simple sentence structures to using more and more complex structures. 

The writing class teaches students how to produce writing that is organized, coherent, and purposeful. Initially students will learn how to form paragraphs of varying lengths, and then they will progress to composing essays and other longer pieces of writing.

Our classes combine the following four elements that are key to a high quality piece of writing:
♦ employing a meaningful, idiomatic vocabulary
♦ creating sentence variety with modification and parallelism
♦ constructing a coherent organization
♦ building strong revision skills 

The Reading class will enhance students’ fundamental comprehension skills and help them shape a successful approach to reading tasks found in many language assessment tests. This class combines practice and skill-building. Students will improve their scanning and skimming skills, and they will become proficient at answering not only questions that focus on details, main ideas and cause-effect relationships, but also questions that require them to analyze and organize ideas, as well as inference questions.

Students can easily acquire new vocabulary and understand the usage and meaning of those new words. What’s more, this class will enable students to consolidate their knowledge of essential words as well as of Greek and Latin roots.


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